CBD is finding a place in the hand sanitizer category. The brother of Wendy May Real, founder of CBD brand Pure Bloom, struggles with eczema and chronic dry skin. His conditions are exacerbated by frequent hand washing and the heightened application of most alcohol-driven hand sanitizers. He was the inspiration behind the brand’s two new products, CBD Hand Sanitizer and Moisturizing Spray. Available on pre-order, they’re priced from $14 to $79. A portion of sales from the products is being dedicated to support vulnerable women, families and elderly patients.

“Most alcohol-based hand sanitizers are highly effective in killing most germs and bacteria, but repeated use of these products can be incredibly drying and damaging on your hand’s delicate skin,” says Real. “I wanted to create a solution to this problem by introducing the natural therapeutic benefits of plant-powered CBD cannabinoids and other nutritional ingredients to modern-day antiseptic formulations.” Pure Bloom’s formula combines 80% certified organic ethyl alcohol with full-spectrum CBD and vegetable-derived glycerin.

Real predicts the coronavirus will have a profound, enduring impact on the beauty and wellness industries. “As hand washing and arm bumping becomes the new norm, the niche hand sanitizer market will continue to expand during the many months ahead even in the absence of the COVID-19 virus,” says Real. “This pandemic has spotlighted the importance of practicing good hygiene. Future forecasts suggest this trend will continue to increase, and the personal care category will significantly expand.”

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