Dosing Basics

There is no one-size-fits all for CBD products dosing. Everyone’s bodies, genetics, ability to process cannabinoid oil, and desired therapeutic effects are different. Therefore, your optimal dose and dosing schedule may vary dependending upon these factors. Always remember, taking more or a bigger dose isn’t always better. You will need to discover the perfect amount for you on your own.

Standard Dosing
Once – Twice Daily
½ – 1 full dropper
*Adjust CBD product dosing accordingly for weight or symptom-intensity variations.
Up to 3x per day
¼ – 1 full dropper
*Slowly increase dose and dose frequency until you find your sweet spot.
Start Low, Go Slow.
Typically, CBD products are safe and well-tolerated by beginners. However, for new users, we suggest starting with half of the desired dose for 3–4 days and slowly increase until you feel your desired effect. For experienced users, we recommend starting with a full, single serving. All users may wish to increase the dosage in increments as desired until you find the dose that feels perfect for you.
Patience Makes Perfect.
Be patient! Taking oral tinctures is different than taking other forms of cannabinoid oil therapeutics and may take 30–40 minutes before you feel the full effects. It may also take several tries before you find the optimal dose that works best for you. Consistency is key, using CBD products daily is the best way to see the desired effect.
Get Personal with CBD Products.
As a personalized, plant-based therapeutic tool, only you can decide the right amount for you. If you experience unpleasant effects, stop taking immediately. We always suggest documenting your progress (especially when starting a new CBD product regimen) in a dosing diary or notebook. These notes may include the time of day your cannabinoid oil was taken, the amount of dose taken, or any unpleasant effects.