Holidaze. Hangover. CBD To The Rescue.

Tis’ the season for office festivities, ugly sweater parties, late-nights with friends and lots of alcohol consumption. Wait…don’t forget about NYE.

Could CBD be the next great hangover cure? Here are a few reasons why we think it can help the symptoms of those post-party blues.
Hugging the toilet all morning is no fun. Taking a small dose of CBD curbs nausea by indirectly activating the monoamine neurotransmitter called 5-HT1A.

We recommend taking a few drops of Pure Bloom Essential CBD Oil in Fresh Mint. The organic peppermint oil in this Pure Bloom formulation is also a natural muscle relaxant, which relaxes the stomach and digestive muscles further decreasing your nausea. Kick that nausea’s butt!

We also all love those yummy, fruity holiday drinks. However, these sugary delights team up with alcohol to dehydrate our bodies and leave us with BIG headaches the next day. A well-known pain killer, CBD can help alleviate your headache. A 2017 study reported at the 3rd Congress of the European Academy of Neurology demonstrated that a THC-CBD combination reduced the frequency and pain of migraines and cluster headaches by over 40%, outperforming traditional prescription medication. It is important to note, published clinical studies are limited by scope for CBD, exclusively.

Finally, drink LOTS of water, water water. Enhance it’s natural hydrating benefits by added a few drops of our water-soluble, sweet vanilla CBD Signature Nectar.
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