Sleep Your Way to the Top.


“Sleep Your Way to the Top.”

This is one of my favorite quotes from legendary boss babe, Arianna Huffington.

Myself (like so many other overworked, overcommitted, “lean in” women) define success by the hours our heads are in the boardroom and not on our pillows.

Sleep deprivation and lack of adequate sleep can lead to anxiety, depression, mood changes, loss of memory, weight gain, lower sex drive, an inability to perform basic motor skills or make decisions.

Our health, well-being, creativity, confidence, decisiveness and productivity can all be restored by getting enough sleep. So now, I now enjoy my 7-8 hours of rest, guilt-free. And wake up early being my best self.

My nighttime ritual to restore by body and spirit.
~Enjoy my favorite Rose Earl Grey tea drop from @myteadrop and a few drops of Pure Bloom CBD Sweet Vanilla Nectar.

~Go completely offline by 9 pm. Super hard, but really important!

~Snuggle up with my fur baby and listen to a @calm nighttime story.

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