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Our Difference

From our certified organic hemp sourcing to our pharmaceutical science, the clean standards we set for every product we create ensure that you receive only the best ingredients for your highest health. 

Discover the difference in Pure Bloom CBD oil — enhanced with the use of nanotechnology, an advanced technology designed to produce the best results.

USDA certified organic hemp was originally grown on the founder’s family Maine farm and is now grown from a single origin, partner farm in Colorado. 

All finished products are tested by an independent 3rd party laboratory to ensure the highest standard of quality, purity and strength accuracy. This includes testing for cannabinoid potency, bacteria, microbes, solvents, contaminants and other toxic pollutants. These results are published on our website.

All our products are created using a special proprietary science called nanotechnology. This is an advanced molecular process which breaks down the hemp extract drops into smaller, micronized droplets. Why is this so important? Increases the bioavailability (amount of CBD available to be absorbed by your body), the absorption rate and how quickly it works to help you.)

Our ingredients and botanicals are sourced from responsible producers, most are certified organic and from growers who practice sustainable farming techniques.

Formulated Free of Animal Testing, Sulfates, Parabens, Synthetic Fragrance, Silicones or Toxins.