CBD Microencapsulation. Yes, its super important.

Beauty Serum

MICROENCAPSULATION + CBD = Maximum bioavailability (amount of CBD droplets), absorption and effectiveness. ⁠

What is microencapsulation? It is an advanced technology used to shrink CBD droplets and surround it with a protective shell (coating). This enables the CBD to be better absorbed into your skin and released from this shell at the exact time and location your skin needs it the most. ⁠??

Larger CBD molecules are approximately the size of a grain of sugar making them harder to penetrate the skin. Therefore, without microencapsulation, most CBD facial serums or oils will not absorb properly and will simply sit on the top of your skin making it feel greasy.⁠ ⁠

Pure Bloom Glow Getter Beauty Serum quick absorbing formula is 100% microencapsulated meaning it delivers our farm-grown CBD droplets directly into the deeper layers of your skin. Quickly able to combat inflammation, acne and ⁠redness directly at its source.⁠

PS…Pure Bloom was one of the first CBD company’s to pioneer the usage of microencapsulation and other nanotechnologies when we started 3 years ago…so we kinda know what we are doing. ⁠?

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