CBD Serum

Before and After. This is one of our faves showing us how she improving her skin’s own natural radiance with our Glow Getter Beauty Serum. ⁠

“I LOVE IT!!! This stuff is MAGICAL. I’ve been using the Beauty Serum for the last 2 weeks after my nightly microneedling routine with a derma roller to help with fine lines and acne scars. And look at the results….AMAZING!” 💚
⁠How can this power couple help your skin too? Microneedling with a derma roller creates temporary microchannels, increasing the Glow Getter Beauty Serum’s absorption by over 200%. The tiny pathways created by microneedling give our serum an all-access pass to deeper layers of your skin in order to give you the healthy glow your skin deserves. A potent, one-two power punch. ⁠💪🏻