Yes, CBD Absorption Matters.

Why does Pure Bloom’s CBD work so much better than other products I’ve tried? Does absorption matter? If I use a smaller bottle will I get more CBD? These are all great questions.

We get this question A LOT and the answer is simple we grow our own organic hemp and optimize the plant’s therapeutic properties through cutting-edge science technologies. ⠀

We use nanotechnology in both our CBD Oils and Nectars to improve CBD absorption rate and onset time. Translation, please! This make our products work faster and better than other brands. ⠀

When it comes to CBD bioavailability (amount and rate of CBD absorbed by your body). Higher concentrations are not always better if the CBD is not being properly absorbed by your body. ⁣⠀
⁣Pure Bloom uses nanotechnology in all of our formulations. This is an advanced process which breaks down our CBD drops into smaller droplets (we like to call them nano-drops). ⁣⠀
This process significantly increases the bioavailability of our CBD. Which means your body absorbs more CBD per dropper than most other brands, regardless of the concentration or bottle size. ⁣

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