Safety First.

“As a medical executive and scientific researcher, I have always worked in highly-regulated environments with strict safety protocols. Therefore, ensuring Pure Bloom products are safe for our customers has always been a priority from the beginning and seems even more important right now.” Wendy May, Founder

From our plants to your shelf, our scientifically formulated products are not only highly effective but also known for their unparalleled quality and safety standards. Here is a little insight on how we do it.

Organic Farming – Its all starts with the plant and we only use the very best. Every drop of our phytocannabinoid-rich extract is exclusively made using USDA certified 100% organic grown on our licensed farm. Each non-GMO plant is cultivated using specialized, feminized hemp strains without any pesticides, herbicides or insecticides, chemical fertilizers or other contaminants in our water or soil. Oh…did we mention most of our botanicals and ingredients are also certified organic.

Extraction Process – To maintain the integrity of each cannabinoid molecule, our extraction team only uses supercritical CO2 fractionation techniques in licensed, FDA compliant and GMP certified laboratories. This ensures every drop of our clean hemp extract is safely processed for optimal effectiveness.

Testing, Testing, Testing – From the seeds to the finished product testing is critical to ensure potency and safety. From the beginning, multiple tests are completed at various stages throughout each hemp plant’s life cycle, on the chemical contents of the organic soil and all water sources. This testing is also completed during the harvest, extraction and product purification to ensure potency, purity and safety. Finally, all finished products are further tested to ensure each potent formulation is free of ALL bacteria, toxic microbes, contaminants and pollutants. Each test lab is GMP certified, ISO/IEC-accredited, ILAC-MRA certified and A2LA-accredited.

More than Pretty Packaging – Each recyclable, sustainable bottle or jar is specifically designed to minimize the degradation (breakdown) of phytocannabinoids to ensure maximum therapeutic effectiveness. Our packaging now also includes a tamper-resistance safety seal and expiration label so you can ensure your favorite Pure Bloom products maintain their superior quality and are safe to use.

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