Yes! Size Really Does Matter.

Absorption is key especially when it comes to skincare! If a product doesn’t properly penetrate into the outer layers of the skin it can’t be effectively absorbed and improve skin health. For each ingredient, many factors can impact both absorption and penetration. But, the two primary factors are molecule size & polarity.

Molecule Size: Yes, size matters! The smaller the molecule, the better rate of penetration into the skin and increased ability to be absorbed. In cosmetic chemistry, we use the 500 Dalton Rule!  This principal states molecules that are less than 500 Dalton are more easily absorbed into the skin. Every drop of organic hemp extract in Pure Bloom products undergoes special technology called microencapsulation which shrinks CBD – cannabinoid droplets and surrounds them with a protective shell.  This ensures our supercharged ingredient is better absorbed and the skin-loving CBD – cannabinoid molecules are released at the exact time and location your skin needs them the most.

Molecule Polarity:  Absorption is also determined if the molecule is hydrophilic (water-loving) or hydrophobic (oil-loving). Rewind to high school chemistry; Like dissolves like. Due to its structure, the outermost layer of the skin’s epidermis the stratum corneum tend to favor molecules which are oil-loving whereas, deeper layers of the skin contain more water and making them more water-loving. Therefore, having the right combination of ingredients with both water-loving & oil-loving (amphiphilic) properties can help molecules navigate the complex layers of skin that contain both hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules.  Each Pure Bloom product is thoughtfully formulated with a variety of ingredients designed to ensure optimal absorption and efficacy.

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